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It's our first ever

English horn 


Use code MYNEWHORN for $500 off new instruments, and

Use code CORANGLAIS for 15% off everything else! 

New & Used English Horns

Our new English horns come with our two year maintenance warranty in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.   Preowned instruments do not come with a warranty but have been thoroughly serviced in our repair shop.

Use code MYNEWHORN to get an additional $500 off our excellent sale prices! 

English Horn Cases, Bocals, Cane & Reeds

We have great Marcus Bonna Cases, Loree & Hiniker Bocals, Cane that is gouged in house, and genius finished reeds.  Select preowned items are also included in the sale! 

Use code CORANGLAIS to get an additional 15% off all English horn items!

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