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We are proud to offer new and used instrument financing through NoteWorthy FCU.  

How does it work?

When financing through NoteWorthy Credit Union, you select your instrument and pay an initial down payment of at least 10%.  You can then finance the remainder for up to 84 months.  Shorter terms typically have lower interest rates, and there is no penalty to pay off the loan early. 

But I'm a student, my credit is not well established.  

Not a problem, but you may need a creditworthy family member or friend to co-sign your loan with you.  

Are there additional fees?

The cost of filing fees and membership in the credit union is $160.  But, we offer a cash/check discount to customers who choose NOT to pay with a credit card, and this discount is also extended to clients who finance through Noteworthy. (The cash/check discount is typically 2.5% of the invoice total, which usually exceeds $160!) 

Is this a credit card?

No, this is a loan through a credit union who specializes in musical instrument loans.  

Where can I find the current rates or request an application packet?

You can find the current loan rates here.  To request an application packet send an email to Brandie Zaleski at .



I'm specifically trained in all of the instruments of the clarinet, oboe, and bassoon families. My past and present clients include members of the Met Opera clarinet and oboe sections, New York Philharmonic clarinet and oboe sections, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra clarinet and oboe section, New York City Ballet oboe and bassoon section, and the members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, to name a few. I am equally skilled in the various members of the oboe, clarinet, and bassoon families, and have a particular passion for fine bass clarinet repair. My specific skills include crack repair, custom keywork, fine padwork, tuning, and voicing.


In addition to fine woodwind repair, we also have a selection of both new and used student and professional oboes by Howarth and Loree and clarinets by Buffet.

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