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Crack Repair, Clarinet or Oboe

The inevitable has happened. We can help.

  • 4 hours
  • Shop Rate $120/hour
  • Location 1

Service Description

Most experienced musicians come to the conclusion that woodwind cracks are nothing more than an inconvenience and a bill. We agree with them! Crack repairs are part of our everyday routine at Woodwind Workshop as oboe and clarinet specialists. It is our philosophy to pin cracks using carbon fiber pins and to place synthetic tone hole inserts in any affected tone holes. Please let us know in advance if you prefer that your instrument not be pinned. While crack repair has an active working time of 3-5 hours, there can often be several hours of non-active "glue drying time" while we wait for the various glues and epoxies to cure. For this reason it is wise to expect to leave your instrument with us for a crack repair unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please know that a crack repair does not also include an annual maintenance of the instrument. Crack repairs fall under the category of "emergency repairs" since they can't be scheduled in advance. We will do a thorough adjustment of the instrument after crack repair and will let you know if it requires more work to be in tiptop shape. Please note: The longer you leave your instrument with us, the better the cosmetic outcome will be! While all crack repairs initially look great, the glues cure and shrink over the first week after application, creating a slightly sunken appearance on pin fills. If we have ample time to complete the repair we can let the glues cure longer before the final polish resulting in a long lasting great cosmetic result. This is especially important on clarinet cracks and cracks in the back side of oboes because the repair can't be hidden as easily under the mechanism. It is less important for oboe trill key cracks which are easily hidden. Crack repairs typically take a minimum of three and a maximum of six hours of active working time, depending on crack length and the number of tone holes affected. Repair charges may range from $285-$550 or more. Repair services are taxable in New York State. Please expect sales taxes to be added to your bill even if the repair is shipped out of state. Repair charges do not include shipping charges.

Contact Details

  • Floral Park, NY 11001, USA

    + 6466706565

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