A description from the Author, Graham Salter:


Investigating breath support, vibrato, and reed-making refinements across the world’s major styles, this unique, impartial and comprehensive book explains perfect intonation in both scales.

It details choices of Cane, Staple, Gouger, Shaper, Knife, Profiler

and every option and refinement of the Scrape, along with offering

a straightforward exposition of the Acoustics of Oboe, Cane and Staple, 

and of the predictable overall consequences of alterations made to the 

Tone Holes and Pad Height Settings of the Oboe itself.


A book designed to help every professional, amateur and student to discover or refine a personal style: enjoy repeatable control over every aspect of tone and response.


552 Pages

with 82 World Interviews and 115 Reeds photographed against the light

and in profile with complete measurements.



Understanding the Oboe Reed by Graham Salter