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This book combines the talent and experience of the legendary virtuoso, Leon Goossens, and the contemporary composer/oboist Edwin Roxburgh. In it the oboe becomes a veritable Pied Piper of history, leading us through the mystic rites of the ancient world, Greece, Rome and the Crusades, up to the present day. There are illuminating chapters on baroque, classical, romantic and twentieth century music. The mark of Goossens' long experience as an international soloist is woven into every page, whether in his observations about great soloists of the past or in pertinent views on modern recording methods. This is a broadly-based book which shows the close relationship between history, the technique of playing and the music of the oboe. Edwin Roxburgh contributes a detailed explanation of extemporization and ornamentation in eighteenth-century music as well as an optimistic review of new developments in oboe playing and modern music. For the student there is a whole section on reed-making and performing techniques together with detailed advice for teachers. There are useful appendices which include a discography, a repertoire section with helpful comments, and a list of manufacturers. Many fascinating illustrations and photographs punctuate the text throughout.

Oboe(Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides) by Goossens and Roxburgh

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