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The Gel Humidifier is specially made to fit in woodwind cases, especially hard to fit oboe and clarinet cases. 

It is made of water absorbing gel that will not leak or mold and requires much less maintenance than the traditional water and sponge humidifiers.

One humidifier is sufficient for single cases. Double cases, bassoons, and bass clarinets might opt to use two.

Gel Humidifier for Woodwind Instruments

  • The gel inside the humidifier starts out the size of a grain of couscous, but absorbs 200 times its weight in water. The particular brand that we use is intended to keep the stems of cut flowers moist, but the same gel crystals can also be found in cigar humidifiers and baby diapers.


    Gel humidifiers release moisture gradually, shrinking the gels inside. You know your humidifier needs to be recharged if the gels are loose in the container. To recharge it, submerge the entire container in a bowl of water (any temperature) for an hour or two until it looks full again. Shake off the excess water and return it to your case.


    The gels will eventually wash away with repeated soakings, but this takes about two years of constant use. A gel refill is included with your humidifier.


    Although the gels are nontoxic, you should not eat them. They can pose a choking hazard to children and pets.

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