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The Buffet R13 Bb Professional Clarinet is the legendary choice of professionals. It comes in a Key of Bb with a .577" bore, 66 mm barrel, premium-quality grenadilla wood, 17-key, 6-ring nickel-plated keys, a polycylindrical bore, undercut tone holes and adjustable thumb rest. A deluxe naugahyde-covered wood shell case with plush interior is included.

The Buffet R13 clarinet has a 40-year history of quality and craftsmanship. From the wind ensembles to the great symphony orchestras, it is the benchmark in clarinet manufacturing. Crafted in high-quality grenadilla wood to ensure evenness of tone and response. The R13's 3-step polycyndrical bore is noted for its dark, full sound.

Most clarinetists purchasing an instrument with this level of distinction have particular preferences in terms of mouthpieces, so the Tosca Bb Clarinet is priced and shipped without one. A fine-quality French-made HB ligature is included. The HB is a silver-plated metal ligature that is very easy-blowing and provides a round, centered and brilliant sound as well as a superior detaché in the upper register.

Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet

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