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The sharpest and smoothest around, these are the only razorblades I will use for my repair work. They are great for shaping and tip cutting as well.


I wanted to let you know that your new shipment of GEM blades will look a little bit different than they are currently pictured on the website!  I just received my new shipment and while the blades are the same they are now rebranded under the AccutecPro Brand.  


This is of course annoying to me, but it looks like it's how it's going to be.  All Personna products (and Gem is a Personna product) are being rebranded under the new name. 


The blade still the same coated, 3 facet, .23mm edge as we are used to.  I used a full box to be sure before offering them to my clients.  


Here is a blog post explaining the change:


Gem Razor Blades

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