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The lighter color and density of Cocobolo give it a warm, rich palette of sound, while saving 10% in weight over the equivalent instrument with a Grenadilla body.  


Technical Specification:

  • Body in Cocobolo (dalbergia retusa)

  • Full Conservatoire System

  • Semi-Automatic Octaves with 3rd 8ve key

  • C-D Trill Key (x 2)

  • C-C# Trill Key

  • Forked F vent

  • Extra trill mechanisms (Ab-Bb, Ab-A)

  • "Banana Key" - low C-C# trill

  • Eb-E trill mechanism

  • Articulated C# mechanism

  • Philadelphia D linkage

  • Metal-lined tenon sockets and sleeved tenons

  • Low Bb vent

  • Adjustable Thumbrest

  • Solid wood fitted case with nylon case cover

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