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We are proud to offer new and used instrument financing through NoteWorthy FCU.

How does it work?
When financing through NoteWorthy Credit Union, you select your instrument and pay an initial down payment of at least 10%. You can then finance the remainder for up to 84 months. Shorter terms typically have lower interest rates, and there is no penalty to pay off the loan early.

But I'm a student, my credit is not well established.
Not a problem, but you may need a creditworthy family member or friend to co-sign your loan with you.

Are there additional fees?
The cost of filing fees and membership in the credit union is $160. 

Is this a credit card?
No, this is a loan through a credit union who specializes in musical instrument loans.

Where can I find the current rates or request an application packet?
You can find the current loan rates here. Submit an instrument loan inquiry form here.

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