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Made of premium, unstained grenadilla wood, the R13 Prestige clarinets offer all of the comforts of the regular R13 model plus an additional left hand Eb lever, metal tenon rings, and Gore-Tex pads, with silver plated keywork. The highest standards of mechanical excellence are combined with a powerful and rich tone for a virtuoso playing experience.  The Prestige in Bb comes in a leather covered single attaché case and the Prestige in A comes in a double case of the same type.


Key: Bb


Pitch: 440 Hz


Body: natural African blackwood


Bore: poly-cylindrical according to the Buffet Crampon method


Bell: special Prestige bore


Tenons: metal-capped


Keys: 18


Rings: 6


Thumb rest: adjustable


Eb lever: included


Keywork finish: silver plated


Keywork and mecanic: forged keys, copper plated then silver plated according the Buffet Crampon method


Springs: blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement


Pads: 100 % waterproof materials (GT)



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