Clarinet Disassembly

I'm posting these lecture notes for the convenience of the NYCDOE Band directors attending a seminar on woodwind maintenance. These are my lecture notes from a clarinet maintenance class I used to give at MSM. It quickly outlines disassembly and reassembly and some basic solutions to problems you might be able to work out for yourself. MSM Repair Seminar 2014 Mechanics of the instrument: Terminology pivots and rods -Pivot screws are the small pointed screws at each end of the key. Most of the lower joint keys are held on by pivot screws. -Rods are the cylindrical, smooth screws that span the entire distance from post to post. Top joint is mostly held together using rods. flat springs and r

Tools and Supplies for Band Directors

This is a list I put together for the NYCBOE band directors attending a seminar with me. If anyone else finds it useful that's great! Tools and Supplies for Band Directors: Tools: -Culinary Torch –be sure to adjust the flame extra small -Screwdrivers: 1.8mm and 2.5mm, plus 4mm for bass clarinet and bassoon -Spring hook – I made you one! -pad slick -pliers that have smooth jaws -tweezers that are pointy -bench peg for sanding tenons -Neoprene Plugs with hole and without hole to test pressure without putting your lips on the instrument! (The “with hole” link is sized for clarinet upper joint, without hole is a set.) -brass calipers for measuring tenon cork width, pad cups, and pad sizes Suppl

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