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Having been raised in the Adirondack mountains not far from the Canadian border, I had plenty of time to tinker growing up! I come from a family that is musical on one side and mechanical on the other, the perfect combination for a woodwind repair person. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music from McGill University, but my studies were not complete until I landed an apprenticeship with the fine technicians of RDG Woodwinds, Inc., in Los Angeles. Five years later, I moved to Manhattan to begin my first woodwind shop. In 2009, I was lucky to join with The Buffet Group as an independent technician working in their Manhattan showroom.

In addition to woodwind repair, I am a happy mother to three young children. I am a baker of cakes, lover of spicy foods, and a home improver. I have a strong soprano voice and a passion for choral music, and I play the baroque flute because of it's beautiful tone and lovely repertoire but also because it rarely needs to be repaired.


I'm specifically trained in all of the instruments of the clarinet, oboe, and bassoon families. My past and present clients include members of the Met Opera clarinet and oboe sections, New York Philharmonic clarinet and oboe sections, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra clarinet and oboe section, New York City Ballet oboe and bassoon section, and the members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, to name a few. I am equally skilled in the various members of the oboe, clarinet, and bassoon families, and have a particular passion for fine bass clarinet repair. My specific skills include crack repair, custom keywork, fine padwork, tuning, and voicing.

In addition to fine woodwind repair, we also have a selection of both new and used student and professional oboes by Howarth and Loree and clarinets by Buffet.

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Specializing in the sales and repair of Professional Oboes, Clarinets, and Bassoons since 2004.